Infanterie Regiment 17 Collection

Infanterie Regiment 17 Collection


As one of the oldest Infantry Regiments in the German army, the 17. ( Preuß-Braunschweig) 
Infanterie-Regiment was established on January 1, 1921 from the former imperial army. With more then 100,000 men, most members were from the Reichswehr-Schützen-Regiment 7 and Reichswehr-Infanterie-Regiment 20, and was placed under the Infanterieführer VI ( the 6th Division ).

Accompanied by the expansion of the Reichswehr to Wehrmacht, from October 1935, it belonged to the Wehrkreis IX ( military district No.9 ) , and from 1936, belonged to the Wehrkreis XI ( military district No.11 ). On October 12, 1937, it was on attachment to the 31. Infanterie-Division. In 1942, the 17. Infanterie-Regiment was disbanded due to heavy casualties in the east front.

The staff headquarter of the 17. Infanterie-Regiment was located in Braunschweig, the I. battalion and the 13th company of the regiment were also stationed in the same city, the II. battalion was stationed in Göttingen, the III. Battalion was stationed in Goslar, and the regiment's training battalion was stationed in Celle.



I have been collecting I.R.17 items since 2018, and even to date, the following items are coming from my personal collection.


M1934 pattern Shoulderboards with chain-stitched 17 embroidery on Reseda green ( Resedagrün ) wool. The left one is normal EM and on the right is Unteroffizier with RW/LW type NCO tresse.

 Used from 10.12.1934


M1935 Unteroffizier Shoulderboards with chain-stitched 17 embroidery on Bottle green ( Dunkelgrün ) wool. The first one on the left with pre/early war WH type NCO tresse and the others with RW/LW type NCO tresse.

Used from 10.12.1935 (HV35, Nr.505)


M1919 Unterfeldwebel Shoulderboards with first pattern Rgt. number cyphers on Reseda green ( Resedagrün ) wool, with RW/LW type NCO tresse.

Used from 1919 (cf. Chapter IV,4) to 1.4.1934


 M1938 Feldwebel Shoulderboards with second pattern Rgt. number cyphers on Bottle green ( Dunkelgrün ) wool, with WH type NCO tresse.

Used from 26.11.1938 (HV38, Nr.462)


M1938 Oberfeldwebel Shoulderboards with  second pattern Rgt. number cyphers on Bottle green ( Dunkelgrün ), with WH type NCO tresse. 

Used from 26.11.1938 (HV38, Nr.462)

 Major Shoulderboards with first pattern gold Rgt. number cypher, both are sew-in type, the left one is normally for Waffenrock and Walking-out dress, while the right one is usually for Feldbluse.

After completing the training from the battalion stationed in Celle, some members obtained this kind of badges to memorized their training time, words branded on the badge read :
Raus aus Celle - Leaving out from Celle

Erinnerung an meine Dienstzeit - In memory of my service time


Visor set for EM/NCO. First pattern visor eagle. Totenkopf for the 17. Infanterie-Regiment which used from 1912, at the beginning, it was awarded to Braunschweigisches Infanterie-Regiment. Nr.92, and during the interwar and WWII, for 17. Infanterie-Regiment and some Kavallerie Regiment. The Reichsheer type wreath was made from stamped metal with silver finish. The cockade was made from two-pieces metal and with red wool fabric in the center.


Unfinished Totenkopf from the manufacture. Made from brass.




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