The Keyhole buttonhole

The Keyhole buttonhole

Just like most of the original samples, I use Keyhole buttonholes on all my repro Shoulderboards and some equipments


Original samples with keyhole buttonholes ( from my personal collection ) 


The “Keyholes” on almost all German insignias were “cut before sewing”, bringing no redundant materials between the buttonhole.

Most German manufacturers used keyhole buttonhole machine on their uniforms, insignias, and equipments, and you can see how they were made in the book named “Uniformen und Soldaten” by Dr. Curt Ehrlich, which was published by Verlag Erich Klinghammer in Berlin, 1942. This book shows the manufacturer using “Reece 101” keyhole buttonhole machine on their products. Just like them, I had found a local buttonhole shop which uses the same machine; this wonderful machine brings my products to life, render them historicaly alike.


Image from the book “Uniformen und Soldaten”, 1942 
 The REECE 101 in my local buttonhole shop
The buttonhole I made, in comparison to the original one ( on the right )
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